The Hilarious Party Game for Entrepreneurs

Come up with silly or serious ideas for points.

Roll on the floor laughing with your friends and family!

Hilarous and Easy to Play

Fast Setup and Start time. Easy to introduce and start having fun!

Click to Watch: Start Playing <60sec ⚡⏳ 

  • An absolute blast!

  • Perfect way to practice / train creative muscle

  • Stirs up crazy conversations

funny or fundable?

Play to Your Strengths!

No matter if you are the serious analytical type or the class clown. You can play SideHustle to win with both logical/serious pitches as well as wild ones.

Fun to play with all ages!

Improved Design

Improved Design!

We Listened:

  • More Portable
  • Better Organization and Card Access
  • Whiteboard Cards for Notes
  • Higher Quality Cards
  • New Satisfying Textured box

Everything you need

What's Included?

  • 240 SideHustle + Points Cards
  • 4 x Dry Erase Cards
  • 4 x Dry Erase Markers
  • 1 Sand Timer + 1 Industry Die
  • Bonus Digital Game Access!!
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FREE BONUS WITH PREORDER: Unlock SideHustle Digital today!

Why a Presale?

After our Successful Kickstarter for our First Version of the Game (Funded in 16 hours) and delivering our orders around the world...

We continued to sell and collect feedback...

We sold through our stock and focused our funds into developing a New and Improved V2 of our beloved game!

Now, we need your help to make this V2 a reality!

Delivers in 2-3 months! We place our order as soon as we have 200 presales so please help spread the word!

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Fun with Friends

Happy Hour Game Night

  • Start playing in 1 minute from no prior knowledge
  • Oww my cheeks hurt from laughing kind of nights!
  • Be surprised at what comes out of your friends’ - bet you didn’t know they had it in them
  • Points for both Funny and Fundable ideas (plays to everyone's strengths).
  • Play a couple rounds or play all night, flexible and ever changing game.

Have A Blast

Family Game Night

  • Young and Old can both compete and Win!
  • Gets even the shyest to come out of their shells (creativity flourishes within constraints)
  • Play a little, play a lot, easy to pick up and play quickly!
  • Drink out your nose funny
  • Secretly educational 🤫 😉
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Productive Play

Team Building

  • Get creative juices and comraderies flowing in a safe and fun atmosphere
  • Practice presentation skills 
  • Prime your team before a brainstorming session
  • Take a break from serious work for some fun to keep up morale
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Shut Up and Take My Money

Glad you're sold. Here's what happens when you pre-order. It's pretty straightforward. Pre-order as many games as you want to reserve and secure your game(s) of SideHustle.

We will send you regular updates on the development process so you'll stay in-the-know for that special day when delivered to your door.

In the meantime, you'll have access to our digital game and AI-idea machine recipe so you can start playing SideHustle right away!

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Watch a Round of SideHustle in Action!

New Design Walkthrough

Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash your inner entrepreneur and feel the thrill of creating a strategy to sell the most ridiculous products. With SideHustle, you get to experience the high-stakes world of startups from the comfort of your own home or office. Ready to outwit, outplay, and outlaugh your competitors?

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Got Questions?


Who can play SideHustle?

Everyone aged 14 and up! SideHustle is perfect for adults, teens, and kids who are ready for a hilarious introduction to the world of entrepreneurship.

How many players can join the game?

SideHustle can be play by 3-8+ players. It's a great choice for family gatherings, parties, or team-building sessions.

How long does a game session last?

Depending on how much you're enjoying it, a game can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

What if I'm not satisfied with the game?

No problem at all! If you're not completely happy with SideHustle, let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we'll give you a full refund.

How can I order SideHustle?

Buy now through our website to pre-order. But be quick - we have a limited edition run and pre-orders are coming through.

When will I receive my order?

2-3 months. We will order as soon as we have 200 presales (help spread the word!)

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Side Hustle Games

Pre-Order SideHustle® 2

Pre-Order SideHustle® 2

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The Party Game for Entrepreneurs!

"It's like Shark Tank meets Apples2Apples"

🤣 Hilarious & Easy to Play

SideHustle® You will be amazed what comes out of everyone. This game rewards both the silly and the serious in your group, but everyone will be rolling on the floor laughing!

✅ Perfect for Any Occasion

Roll on the floor laughing at Happy Hour, Parties with Friends, Family Game Night, Work Bonding!

🔀 Different Every Time! Play a little, Play a lot!

With infinite combinations and your powers'll never play the same game twice!

🤝 Suitable for 3-8+ Players, Ages 14+

Engage in friendly competition and laughter-filled learning with a large group. Everyone's invited! SideHustle keeps both small and large groups entertained.

 No-Sweat Setup

Start playing in 60 seconds! Quick and easy to learn and set up, SideHustle® gets you straight into the action.

💎 High Quality Refreshed Design

More compact and portable. New Whiteboard Cards for notes and sketches. Lux box finish, You will feel great about handing this to a friend.

Includes 240 cards, 1 die, 4 whiteboards, dry erase markers, and a 2-minute sand timer

🎁 Innovative Gift 

Looking for a unique gift? SideHustle® is perfect for game lovers and entrepreneurial spirits alike.

🚀 Pre-Order Now 🤗 We need your help!

Why? To fund our new design order! 

🚚 Delivers in 2-3 Months! - Free Shipping in Continental USA

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Welcome, Party Game Lover!

We see you there, tired of the same old board games that are about as stimulating as a damp squib.

The games you've been playing either leave you yearning for more or simply feeling... well, a bit underwhelmed?

We get it.

You're seeking something more exhilarating, a game that ignites your 'Shark Tank' spirit, tickles your funny bone, and offers mental stimulation.

Oh, and one that's convenient enough to toss into your bag and play anywhere with anyone - be it your spunky nephew or your ever-entertaining Aunt Caroline.

The sad fact is most party games get stale, boring, and don’t stimulate creative thinking.

They don't scratch the entrepreneurial itch and leave you wishing they were funnier instead of just dirty. 

Plus, so many games are such a time commitment, right?

Don’t you wish there was a game you could play equally with friends and family of all ages that made you feel smarter not dumber at the end? 

If only there was something portable you could play anywhere that was fun the whole time.

Your Search Ends with SideHustle®

SideHustle® is here to the rescue. We've created a game that's everything you've been looking for - and more. SideHustle bring all the excitement of coming up with your own business ideas with none of the risk and way more laughs.

Fun with friends, family, coworkers, maybe your favorite “beverage”? ;-)

Look, we aren't just boasting; our record speaks for itself.

SideHustle® was birthed through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019.

From getting fully-funded in the first 12 hours of launching, to fulfilling those orders and selling through the first round of inventory, we've seen the joy we've it brings to our first batch of backers and players.

Simply put:

We’ve done this before. And it's clear people love playing SideHustle: 

“An absolute blast!" 

“Perfect way to practice / train creative muscle.” 

“Stirs up crazy conversations” 

Now we're ready to do it again better than ever with SideHustle® 2!

Join the SideHustle Revolution

We've taken all the valuable feedback from our users, added our innovative touch, and are all set to roll out the new and improved SideHustle. It's all the thrill of conceptualizing your startup, a dash of risk, a whole lot of laughter, neatly packaged into a game that can fit right in your bag.

What You Get

Here’s what you get: an engaging new party game you can play anywhere. But first to get there we need your help to fund our next production run so we can bring SideHutle to more people. You know how crowdfunding campaigns go - we delivered for our backers already and we’ll do it even better this time. We need to pre-sell roughly 200 games to fund the manufacturing and expect orders to begin shipping within 2-3 months.

Make Your Move

We need your support to bring this game to the hands of more people. Join our pre-order campaign and secure your place at the forefront of the SideHustle revolution. Get ready for countless hours of fun, mental stimulation, and most importantly - laughs that'll make your belly ache. 

Pre-Order Bonus #1: SideHustle Digitial

We created a digital version of SideHustle you can from anywhere in the world with internet access. Your pre-order unlocks this game instantly and gives you the power to play SideHustle right away while we fulfill and ship your physical game!

Pre-Order Bonus #2: AI SideHustle Trillion Dollar Biz Idea App

Along with your digital and physical game of SideHustle, players will also gain access to an AI-powered idea machine as based on the game’s fictional founder and mascot, the unicorn entrepreneur Richard “Rick Rock” Rockefeller.

Simply input some short details about your side hustle biz and then give Rick Rock a blurb about your idea and they will generate a ridiculous, outrageous, and brilliant business idea to spark your creativity and imagination. Who knows where your next billion (or trillion???) dollar idea could come from?

Avoid the Party Game Blues

By backing SideHustle, you're not just supporting a game, you're endorsing an idea - that board games should be intellectually stimulating, fun, and accessible to all. You're also ensuring the continued innovation and high-quality game design from the SideHustle team.

Embrace Success: A Game Night You'll Never Forget

Your support will bring joy and intellectual stimulation to countless more people. We are absolutely thrilled at the prospect of you trying it out and joining our community of fun-loving hustlers. Maybe Aunt Karen will surprise you and be the next big entrepreneur in your group!

So, are you ready to dive into a game that makes you exclaim, "Shut up and take my money!"? We know you're awesome. You’re going to love playing SideHustle. Back our campaign today and be one of the first to get the new and improved SideHustle along with the bonus digital game and AI idea machine. Now let's play some SideHustle!